Photography course in English

Foto: Valentine Svensson Foto: Valentine Svensson - Modell: Rina

We offer photography courses in English.


Photography workshop in English

In studio 1 we offer basic courses in photography. We can offer group work shops or individual courses, basic ones and also longer courses in photography. The image examples here are from a basic course in studio lighting.

Foto: Marcus Östman - Modell: Rina

 Foto: Marcus Östman - Modell: Rina

Foto: Margit Lampen - Modell: Rina

Foto: Margit Lampen - Modell: Rina

It is easy to book our studios

When you book our studio as a photographer everything is included - professional studio flashes, backgrounds and coffee. We can also help with lighting, finding the right models etc. Welcome to visit our studios for a free tour!

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